When we look out for all of our citizens, Montana thrives.

For the past four years, through the privilege of the voters in my District, I’ve served in the Montana House of Representatives, the last two as Minority Whip. I’ve fought for basic services, our infrastructure needs, and our world-class public lands. We need a system that works with the people and for the people, not one that  benefits only the wealthiest Montanans, who don’t need government help, and out-of-state corporations without any long-term interest in our state or the people of Montana.

I’ve seen the attacks on basic institutions firsthand. We can’t allow an agenda that represses voting rights, put guns in schools, and privatize public lands. I say we can do better. By regaining the majority in the Senate we can realistically provide early education to our kids. We can have policies that create more access to public lands. We can have a system that fixes our broken roads and bridges.

If elected, I will fight for each of these issues and the basic idea that when we look out for our citizens, all of our citizens, Montana thrives.

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